Trinity United Methodist Church


Sunday School Classes

There is a class for the whole family at Trinity!  Come explore the teachings of Jesus Christ and other spiritual topics in a relaxed atmosphere every Sunday morning at 9:45 -10:30.  There are many classes to choose from. The Kids Sunday School for 5th grade and younger, Youth Sunday School for 6th through 12th grade, The Mary Mann Class, Koinonia Class and the Faith Class which is taught by Melanie and Mark Roberts. If you have young children ranging from 3 months to 3 years old, we have a safe and loving environment for them to be cared for from 9:30 – 12:00.  All are welcome to any of these classes and you are not required to be a member of our congregation to join in, grow and enlighten your soul!

Faith Class

This is an informal class taught by Melanie and Mark Roberts. Members of this class range from singles to parents of young children and those that have grandchildren. This diverse group offers much insight and an open conversation on topics from the Bible and other books that relate to Christian faith.  Explore and nourish your soul through the Faith Class which meets every Sunday at 9:45 on the third floor.

Koinonia Class

Koinonia is a Greek word meaning “fellowship”.  Enjoy rich fellowship with other members as  Charlotte Clodfelter leads the group in an in-depth study of Holy Scripture, it’s history and the setting in which it was written.  The class discusses ways of applying the knowledge and insights to daily life.  They support various community causes, including the provision of school supplies for children at Hall Fletcher & Vance Elementary, financial assistance to our Trinity missionaries, and sponsorship of children at Christmas.  This class meets every Sunday morning on the first floor of the main church building.

Mary Mann Class

In 1970, the Mary Mann Class was looking for a teacher, and they found a friend for life.  Mary Mann accepted the call for three months, and ended up teaching for over 40 years until her passing.  The class is named in tribute of Mary. The class has over 45 members, many whom have belonged to the class since its founding.  They use varied lessons as study topics, and give financial support to various ministries, including Jim & Diane Thompson’s Boca Costa Mission in Guatemala, Woody Cunningham’s Ukraine Mission, ABCCM, The Salvation Army, and a feeding program for children in Mexico.  They meet on the 1st floor of the main church building.