An Enote from Darryl

August 4, 2017

An eNote from Darryl

Hola Trinity Family and Friends,

In these past few weeks I’ve been reintroduced to a hymn I heard every Sunday growing up, “The Lord is Blessing Me Right Now” by Nolan Williams. In case you don’t know the tune, click here! ( In these few short bustling and beautiful weeks, this hymn has been my constant refrain. As I’ve heard stories about our ministry at Trinity and the relationships we’ve built in the community, I’m reminded of how God is continually blessing us day by day. As an overflow of that blessing I invite you to join us for our Habitat Kick-off celebration at 12:30 on Friday (34 Beale Road, Arden). On Sunday August 20th we’ll be collecting school supplies for Red Wagon Sunday. Supplies needed can be found here (link). In the first week of September, 3rd – 9th,  we have the opportunity to support our homeless/unhoused sisters through Room in the Inn by providing temporary shelter at Trinity, food, fellowship. We are still in need of volunteers, so I encourage you to pray and discern how you are being called to engage. More information can be found here (

The Gospel lesson for this Sunday is Matthew 13: 22-33, where Jesus and Peter walk on water. Well, Peter walks on water for a brief time at least. As we prepare to join together for worship on Sunday I invite you to ponder the question: When have you jumped out of your boat?

Feel free to call our text me at (704) 689-4591 or email ( your stories.

Rev. Darryl Dayson
Berry Temple United Methodist Church
Trinity United Methodist Church (assoc.)

Wednesday our kids in Camp Connect were working in the pantry at Children First: CIS at Emma Elementary and realized that they desperately need a few things.  It was such a neat thing to see our kids recognize a need in our community and help find a way to help.  So this Sunday, August 13, we’d like to ask for some items that we can take to them next week: Jelly, Laundry Detergent, and Dish Soap (not the kind for dishwashers).  Thanks, Andrew (and the Camp Connect kids)