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An Enote from Nancy

Friday, October 20, 2017

An Enote from Nancy

Hello, Trinity Church Family!

Fall seems mostly here…I dug out a heater for my office and cranked it up earlier this week. A layer of seasonal smells came out when I first turned it on (Lee warned me!) but now my toes are toasty. This also reminds me of our vulnerable brothers and sisters who have little access to warmth of body, mind or soul. So while it’s been a crazy busy week in the life of Trinity, we have so many opportunities to be good stewards of Jesus Christ – through our own hands, feet, and hearts.

One of those opportunities comes tomorrow! ABCCM (Asheville Buncombe Community Christian Ministry) is hosting a “Short Stacks for Big Change” Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser for the Hominy Valley Crisis Ministry, Saturday, 8-10AM, at Fatz Southern Kitchen, 5 Spartan Ave., Asheville. Proceeds will help ABCCM help our neighbors in need with unexpected medical and drug costs, low-wage jobs, increasing rents, and now heating bills.

Another opportunity only requires the gift of your time, by attending one of our Small Group Chat Sessions, the first one coming up this Monday, Oct. 23, 10:30AM at Greg & Nancy Hutchins’ home. These will continue through Wednesday, Nov., 8. See the dates and sign up through this link to the Google Doc for Small Group Sessions. It will give Pastor Darryl and me a chance to get to know you better!

Finally, our Stewardship Campaign letters and pledge cards are being mailed today! You may turn in your pledge anytime between now and Nov. 19.  Our goal this year is not a particular total dollar amount but an increase in pledge participation. Our children and youth will help us track the number of pledges turned in by coloring in a large scale of one of the lovely Trinity windows. You are invited to complete a spiritual gifts survey as we talk about the stewardship of all our gifts at Trinity, you being the most important part of Trinity.

We’re back in the Gospel of Matthew this Sunday, with our grounding text being Matthew 22:1-14, the Parable of the Wedding Feast. Among other music, we’ll share in a lovely hymn by Marty Haugen called, “Gather Us In.” I look forward to seeing you as God gathers us in together in at 587 Haywood Rd, where hearts and lives are warmed by God’s love!

Peace ~