An Enote from Nancy

Friday, November 10, 2017

Hello, Church Family!

Congratulations to TEAM BLUE (you know who you are, J, V, K, & J!) for winning the Charge Conference Trivia Contest last Sunday morning following the wonderful UMMen’s Warm Morning Breakfast to raise funds for winter fuel assistance! They answered the most questions correctly. It certainly made for a lively Charge Conference, and I’m sure those of you who were not in attendance are now sorry you missed it (maybe?!?). A donation will be made to the UMMen’s fuel fund in honor of TEAM BLUE! Here’s a sampling of some of the questions (from the 5 categories – Worship, Staff, Communications, Finance, & Miscellaneous):

Who wrote “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” and for a bonus point, what # is it in the Hymnal?
This staff person plays the flute.
How many bulletin boards are in the church and for bonus points, name their locations?
To the nearest $1000, how much do we budget for Insurance and Property Maintenance?
What special meal is provided in early February as a youth fundraiser?

I was so appreciative of the Fletcher Academy Strings group, the choir, Nolan, Cathi Durham’s Stewardship Mission Moment talking about music – all these gifts of music in worship last Sunday! It was a rich day of All Saints’ Sunday Tradition (reference to the sermon and the Jaroslav Pelikan quote about Tradition being the living faith of the dead, not the dead faith of the living!)

This Sunday, we’re hosting the Fletcher Academy Handbell choirs. We’ll hear the choir sing the wonderful spiritual, “Keep Your Lamps” and talk about the gift of Sabbath time, the most important stewardship gift we’ve been given! (Exodus 20:8-11 & Deuteronomy 5:12, along with Matthew 25:1-13 & Psalm 92 as Sunday’s texts)

And, to share some good news from our sister congregation at Haywood Street, check out what’s going to be created soon: Haywood Street Congregation Fresco

The Dayson family is away on a much deserved vacation this week, and we will miss their presence with us but pray for God’s Spirit to refresh them as a family.

See you Sunday!

Nancy ~