Word of Life

An eNote from Nancy

January 26, 2018

This is our bulletin cover for Sunday, a mural entitled, “Word of Life.” It was done in 1964 by artist Millard Sheets (19071989), and is housed at the University of Notre Dame, in South Bend, IN

“What they asked me to do was to suggest in a great processional the idea of a never-ending line of great scholars, thinkers, and teachers – saints that represented the best that man has recorded, and which are found represented in a library. The thought was that the various periods that are suggested in the theme have unfolded in the continuous process of one generation giving to the next. I put Christ at the top with the disciples to suggest that He is the great teacher – that is really the thematic idea.” -Sheets.

Sheets first made a painting of the design, and the Cold Spring Granite Company translated the design into a pattern of over 6,000 separate pieces of varieties of stone from around the world.

Images matter, folks, and that’s why I enjoy finding them for our bulletin cover each week. Fortunately, there are some great churchy websites that link images to the biblical texts each week, so it’s usually a pretty quick task. I love that this mural is done from so many different varieties of stone!

Speaking of images, we need EVERYONE’s picture in the new directory. So, if you were not able to make the Lifetouch picture dates, do not fear! We are doing our own, DIY pictures to submit, under the capable photographer, Zoe Cecil! It will be right after worship NEXT Sunday, Feb. 4. We’re having the Soup Bowl that day for lunch, too, so this will hopefully be convenient for many of you. PLEASE help us make our new directory as complete as possible by allowing us to include your image!

We are also in the process of entering data into a phone call/ text service called “One Call Now.” We currently have the space for 100 phone lines (and can add more), so please let us (that’s the “royal us”  which really means Lee!) know your preferences on which phone numbers to include or not include. It will take us a couple of months to get this straight and we hope it will strengthen our communications amongst the church, a goal set by the Administrative Council for 2018.

Sunday’s text include:  Mark 1:21-28, Psalm 111, and the preaching focus text is 1 Cor 8:1-13.

See you soon!