An Enote from Nancy

Good Friday to you, Church Family.

As I mentioned in my sermon on Sunday, every day is someone’s Good Friday, and this past week we learned of such moments of terror and tragedy happening, not just around our country but right here in our own community. I ask you to continue to lift up the Erica Smith family, those families who have had loved ones taken into ICE custody, and all the places in our neighborhoods where people do not feel safe. I was captivated by Kendrick Lamar lyrics (the hip hop artist who just won a Pulitzer for his musical compositions from his most recent album). His song “Feel” opens with this phrase repeated 7 times: Ain’t nobody prayin’ for me.  We are called to reach out and walk alongside folks who are feeling this way, this week.

This Sunday, often called “Good Shepherd Sunday,” our Scriptures will be:

1 John 3:16-24

Psalm 23   and

John 10:11-18

From these Scriptures, I have been considering these questions that came my way in my study:

What does it mean to lay down our lives for one another (1 John 3:16)? Think about people who have been “good shepherds” for you, sharing the love and showing the way of Jesus Christ. Who has helped to lead you in right paths or walked with you in dark valleys? Who has given you comfort and calmed your fears? Who has shown you hospitality and grace, making a place at the table for you, even when you felt surrounded by enemies? How have you done these things for others?

May we walk alongside our fellow sheep that comforts one another, keeps on praying, and offers the presence of Jesus Christ in the midst of right paths or dark valleys.

See you Sunday…

Peace be with you,

Nancy ✜