An Enote from Nancy

September 15, 2017

An eNote from Nancy

Dear Trinity Family,

After 21 years of marriage and 7 churches, I know it is difficult to talk about conflict. It’s especially so when there is a specific conflict we’re dealing with. What I forgot is that it can also be difficult to talk about conflict – or how to deal with conflict – even when there isn’t a specific conflict to address.

What I forgot to say on Sunday, as an introduction to the sermon on Matthew 18:15-20, where Jesus gives us a model on how to deal with conflict within the ekklesia/ church, is that:

1) This Gospel reading was the assigned reading from the Lectionary, the 3 year cycle of readings that we have been, for the most part, following each Sunday. (It’s why we’ve been hearing from Matthew and Romans most Sundays.)

2) There is no specific conflict that I was addressing in the sermon. In effect, what I was trying to do was to talk about how we deal with conflict when there isn’t conflict, so that we might approach conflict in a more healthy and Christ-like way when it does arise. My comment about the “honeymoon phase” was my attempt at a nervous joke, knowing we’re all…ummmm…a bit nervous when we talk about conflict…

Link to Cartoon

…which is why the lady on the end of the table in the above cartoon asks, “Could we talk… about something else?!?”  So before I talk about something else, let me go ahead and say, the above cartoon is only a joke and in no way reflects Trinity’s Church Council, which will meet after worship this Sunday. And thanks be to God for our church leaders who keep Trinity moving in such positive ways! I am so grateful. Really, really, grateful!

Speaking of positive ways, did you know that around 35% of our regular worshipping congregation participated in the face-to-face mission of hospitality called Room In the Inn from September 3-10? That’s incredible, folks!

It’s Red Wagon Sunday and we’re collecting snacks for Asheville Middle School. Snacks needed include canned fruits, cereals, juices, crackers of any kind, granola, fruit, cereal bars, fruit cups, snack packs, any non-perishable snack items.

Before Sunday School & worship, United Methodist Men meet for breakfast at 8 AM in the Fellowship Hall. All men are welcome!

Following worship, in addition to the Council meeting, all are invited to a baby shower for Ashley Drake & sweet Baby Elijah hosted by Jolene Brookshire and Kay Cooke in the Parlor!

I close with the final part of what has become known as the “Prayer for Good Humor” by St. Thomas More:

Grant me, O Lord, a sense of good humor.
Allow me the grace to be able to take a joke to discover in life a bit of joy,
and to be able to share it with others.

Peace to you~