An Enote From Rodney

An eNote From Rodney

Friday March 4, 2016

Dear Trinity Church Family,

I want to first remind you that we will have a covered dish lunch together after worship on Sunday.  The church will have plates, utensils and drinks.  Bring any main dishes, sides and/or desserts that you would like and we will spend some time together.  

Sunday will be the first Sunday of the month and so we will be celebrating Holy Communion.  As part of that celebration there will be the opportunity to light a votive candle as an act of prayer and there is always water in the Baptismal Font if you wish to cross yourself with water and remember your baptism.  You may have noticed that sometimes folks will leave a little money on the altar while praying after taking communion or when they light the votive candles.  I want you to know that the money is put into the pastor’s discretionary fund. This is our version of the “poor box” that I have seen in other churches that use votive candles. PLEASE note that money is not expected when you light a candle or take the sacraments.

Andrew is planning our Easter Sunday morning and the Easter Egg Hunt.  The Education Committee is asking you to bring individually wrapped candies to put into the eggs.  There will be a collection box in the hallway behind the sanctuary for the candy and thank you for your assistance.

The lectionary Gospel reading for this Sunday is the Parable of the Lost Son.  The story that Jesus tells is perfect for Lent. I may use another biographical sketch like I did last week when I talked about Frances Perkins. If a profile makes it into my sermon the person will be Catholic social worker Dorothy Day.  By the way, these biographical profiles are coming from my reading of David Brooks book “The Road to Character.” Mr. Brooks book is a fine one.

T.V. Guide Section: If you’re not doing anything on Saturday evening (I won’t watch, I’ll be studying) you can see the Duke Blue Devils host the North Carolina Tar Heels at 6:30 pm on ESPN and ESPN3. Two very good teams playing with a lot of spirit in maybe the second biggest college rivalry in the country. Bama/Auburn is the first. Also, on Sunday evening PBS will broadcast the last episode of Downton Abbey.  I will miss this series.

“Thank you” to our folks who will be serving breakfast to the homeless at Pritchard Park on Sunday morning and I look forward to seeing you in worship.