An Enote from Rodney

Friday May 6, 2016

An eNote from Rodney

Dear Trinity Congregation,

The white board in the sanctuary hallway is starting to look really good with lots of pictures of folks’ moms. Sunday is Mother’s Day so bring a picture of your mom to church this Sunday and put it on the board. We want to see where your good looks came from. And while you’re going through your moms’ pictures you might as well pick out a good one of your dad. Father’s day is not far off.

Debra and Nolan Anthony want to start a bell choir. They will be starting with the basics so you can be a beginner or have experience and you don’t have to read music. The first get together is Wednesday May 18, and the time is 5:30-6:15 pm. This will be multigenerational, starting with any rising 6th grader up. If you want to give it a try email Debra at or call the church office. We are looking forward to hearing them play.

Sunday May 22 will soon be upon us. Trinity has Camp Tekoa for the afternoon. We can use the grounds and we are going to prepare hamburgers and hotdogs and drinks will be provided. Bring sides and desserts and friends. The lake (pond) will be available for swimming and there will be hiking or you can just sit on the porch or you can help me make some burgers and dogs. We have the campground from 2 until 6.

Though Mother’s Day was officially recognized in 1914 by President Woodrow Wilson, the Anglican Church, The Church of Ireland and the Catholic Church in Europe has been celebrating “Mothering Sunday” since the 17th century. We will talk about that this Sunday and use some of the liturgy from a Church of England Mothering Sunday service. Also on Sunday, at the singing of the last hymn the youth will pass out carnations to all the women of the congregation. The lectionary Gospel lesson that I will preach from is John 17:20-26.

Stay warm and I will see you on Sunday. And, if you can, call your mother!