An Enote from Rodney

Friday August 26, 2016

An eNote from Rodney

Dear Trinity Congregation,

Cheryl and I had a very good vacation and it is good to be back. Several of you have spoken to me about how good the services were while we were away and that’s always good to hear. Thank you, Lindsay Pharr and Cathi Durham, for conducting the services. Thank you to Andrew for doing the children’s sermon, to Lee for working on special music and to Karl Ruch for playing for us last Sunday.  I hear that y’all enjoyed the hammered dulcimer. I am appreciative to the Revs. Beth Crissman and Luke Lingle for preaching and to Rev. Dwight Whitlock for being on call in case of an emergency. I will of course always find something to worry about but I didn’t worry about the worship services this year as I figured out new ways to avoid being directly struck by the sun.

I hope Sunday coming up will be fun. Nolan and the Trinity Strings will be providing music and after worship we are going to have barbeque in the fellowship hall. The strings will play some special numbers and also lead the congregation is singing a couple of older hymns. One hymn is “We Have Come to Join in Worship.” It’s #207 in the Celebration Hymnal. You can hear it here.

Cheryl and I ended our vacation with two days in the mountains. We went to see the Ben Long frescos in West Jefferson and Glendale Springs. The art of fresco is literally making the painting part of the wall using colored mud. Long has done several of these but his most famous are paintings of the resurrection and the last supper which are done on the back wall of small Episcopal churches.  If you ever go make sure to push the red button in the back of the churches and listen to the explanation and narration of the paintings.

Well I am going to practice for Sunday, I look forward to worshiping with you and then having a little Q.