An Enote from Rodney

Friday February 3, 2017

An eNote from Rodney

Dear Trinity Congregation,

My sermon on Sunday will continue last week’s reading from the 5th chapter of Matthew. After the Beatitudes, Jesus references salt as a preserving agent and then tells his disciples that they are the salt of the earth. What is it that the disciples must preserve? In the middle of a Roman occupation Jesus will tell his disciples that they will preserve the true goodness of what God has given Israel. Does that mean that in our world, what Jesus wants His church to do is preserve the goodness of what Christ has taught us and be a light to the culture around us? You bet! I’m enjoying working on this sermon and I hope it enhances our faith. You can do some prep for this sermon by reading Matthew 5:13-16 and by going to YouTube and watching the Dave Brubeck Quartet play “Take Five” with Joe Morello on drums. The black and white videos from the sixties are the best.

We will conduct a Disciple Bible Study of the New Testament on Wednesday evenings from February 15th to April 5th. The Wednesday Church supper will start at 5:30 and the Bible Study will go from 6 to 7pm. The eight week study will give you a good grasp on the big picture of the New Testament from the Gospels to Revelation. Each week there will be scripture to read and some commentary from the study book. The books are 11 dollars and we will order them from Amazon. This is a very approachable study. You can sign up on Sunday morning or call the church office at 253-5471 ext 101. Sign up soon so we can get the book in your hand. I will order the books on Tuesday February 7. “Thanks” to the Anthonys, who have moved the Wednesday supper to work around the study.

Sunday will also be Super Bowl Sunday. To celebrate the Super Bowl the youth will be having a fundraiser. After worship this Sunday, they will be serving soup in the fellowship hall. There will be several different soups and crackers and cookies. Admission is by donation and the proceeds will go toward the youth confirmation trip and their summer mission trip. A good bowl of soup will hold you nicely until it’s time for wings and commercials and football.

Sunday is also the first Sunday of the month and that means we will celebrate Holy Communion and the Pritchard Park team will be serving breakfast to the homeless. We thank those folks for being our hands in this ministry they do.

See you Sunday,