An enote from Rodney

Friday March 10, 2017
An eNote from Rodney
Dear Trinity Congregation,
On Sunday we will have a special musical treat. The Asheville Youth Choir will join us for worship and perform several pieces of music. There are between 40 and 50 high school students from different churches making up the choir. Because some of their parents may attend, we are thinking about parking. The choir’s buses will park in the far end of the Balm Grove lot (near Dorchester). If you are able, will you consider also parking in our lot behind Shooks or in the upper Balm Grove lot? This will make room for the entourage that travels with the choir.
For those of you that like to go to the movies and wish there were more films without special effects or “mature” content, I saw one of those this week. The name of the movie is “Lion.” It’s about a 5 year old boy from northern India who becomes lost in Calcutta, is adopted by a Tasmanian couple and then desires to find his first family back in India. The movie is at times intense as it tells the story of the 5 year old navigating the evil that can happen to lost children. I have learned not to tell folks to go see a movie so I will only say that this movie shook me deeply. There doesn’t seem to be a false emotion in it. The actors in the movie that you may know are Dev Patel from Slumdog Millionaire and the Exotic Marigold Hotel movies and Nicole Kidman. The young actor who plays the 5 year old is a delight.
We received news this week from her daughter, that Bonnie Delorme, who was living in Atlanta, has passed away. Bonnie was a member of our congregation and for most of my time here she had health problems and difficulty getting around. There are several of you who were very generous with your time to help Bonnie tend to her health care needs and we thank you for doing that.
The New Testament Lectionary lesson for this week is John 3:1-8. It is the story of Jesus and Nicodemus talking about being born again. I am going to look at the idea of being born again by following the life of the Disciple Peter who I think had 5 conversions in the Gospels and Acts. I will look at three of those events.
It’s supposed to be very cold on Sunday. Farmers love that because it kills bugs but they also can hate it because it kills peach blossoms, which are fine things and produce peach ice cream and cobbler. Bundle up, come and hear these young folk sing and I look forward to seeing you.