Trinity United Methodist Church

Kids Summer 2018

Camp Connect – Camp Connect is a week-long service camp for Older Elementary kids.  We go out Monday-Thursday and help with various service organizations in our community.  Then on Friday we will have a fun day doing something like going swimming.  We have worked with organizations such as Children First, ABCCM, The Lord’s Acre, MANNA, and Eblen Charities in the past.  Because most of these places are kind of small, we really can’t show up with too many kids, so Camp Connect is limited to around ten kids.  That’s why we are offering Camp Connect three different weeks this summer!  Like last year, you can sign up for more than one, but you’ll be put on a waiting list for second and third weeks, so we can give as many kids as possible a chance to be a part of it.  This is for kids going into second grade and up.  The cost for each week is $25
Here are the weeks:
-The week of June 25 
-The week of July 9
-The week of July 30

Camp Connect Mini – We don’t want to leave out the smaller kids, so during the first week of Camp Connect (June 25) we are having Camp Connect Mini.  It is shorter in every way: the days are shorter, the week is shorter, and for the most part the participants are shorter.  We’ll meet Monday through Wednesday and do typical summer church camp stuff like art, snacks, stories; but with a missional focus.  The kids will work on a project that will help our community (at least in some Mini way).
Camp Connect Mini is for kids age 4 through the First Grade.  The cost is $5 to help cover the costs of materials and snacks.

Georgia Aquarium – One of our kids’ favorite adventures is the trip to spend the night in the Georgia Aquarium.  We get a behind-the-scenes, after-hours tour and spend the night in one of the exhibits.  Four years ago we stayed in the whale shark tunnel and two years ago we stayed in front of the window of the deep sea exhibit.  This year we are planning to go on one of two dates: June 29th or July 27th.  The cost is $100 plus money for two meals (dinner on the way there, lunch on the way back) and souvenirs.  This is for kids age 7 and up.  Please let me know if you’re interested and which date works for your family.  

Camp Tekoa Day Camp – Each year we pick a week and the church agrees to shuttle kids back and forth each day for day camp at Camp Tekoa.  This summer that is the week of August 6.  Visit Their Website to register your child(ren).  Spaces can fill up fast at Camp Tekoa, and somewhat fast on our van (well, that one year we were full).  The church is not handling the reservations, just the back and forth.  There’s no official cost for the van rides, though we wouldn’t turn down a donation to the Youth Fund to help cover the gas.  Contact me to put your child(ren)’s name on the van list.  We are limited to the number of kids we can take on the van.