Rodney’s Weekly Enote

Friday April 17, 2015

An eNote from Rodney

Dear Trinity Family,
Last Sunday in the sermon about Barnabas and mentoring I told the story of professional golfer Ben Crenshaw and how he was mentored by his caddy Carl Jackson.  They went on to have a 35 year career in professional golf together that ended last Friday as Crenshaw, retiring at 63, played his last hole of golf at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia.  Crenshaw always gave Jackson credit for guiding him through the tournament each year. 
The story doesn’t end there.  The winner of this years Masters was 21 year old Justin Spieth.  Early on Sunday evening as Spieth was approaching the final green, victory at hand, the television announcer mentioned something that was the perfect topper for last Sunday’s sermon.  Earlier in the week at Augusta, Ben Crenshaw had played several practice rounds with Justin Spieth, the old man was passing on his knowledge of the game and the course to the young whipper snapper.  Forty years of golf knowledge being passed from Carl Jackson to Ben Crenshaw to Justin Spieth. A lovely mentoring tale.  Of course the great mentor of all time is Jesus who mentors us on how to make the journey through life by showing us the way of his Father.
Sunday May 3rd is going to be a big Sunday for us at Trinity.  This is the Sunday that our 2015 confirmation class will join the church.  Andrew has been working with our confirmands since last fall and he has prepared 9 young men and women to become confessing members. This will be a special day. 
After the service that morning we will have a church covered-dish lunch.  The church will provide ham, drinks and rolls.  You are invited to bring vegetables, salads, desserts and all the other culinary delights that make a covered-dish lunch special.  After the meal there will be a concise and informative talk presented by the finance committee.  The committee will bring the congregation up to date on church finances, where we stand with the use of the J.D. Howell fund and what the economic future of Trinity looks like.  Again, that is Sunday May 3rd.
This Sunday we will look at one of the resurrection appearances of Jesus to his disciples.  The occurrence we will talk about is found in Luke 24:36-48.  We will talk about the importance of the physicality of Jesus resurrection. 
Don’t forget, Saturday, April 18th, tomorrow, is the day of our Spring Fling. This very special event is being designed with two goals in mind: to raise money for the Youth Mission Fund and to reach out as a church into our community. These are the things to tell your friends, family, and neighbors: games, inflatable, BBQ plates for $10, bake sale and live music. Andrew is asking for some help in making this event a success. They need help setting up, bringing baked goods for the bake sale, decorating, monitoring the inflatable and other children’s activities, serving food, and cleaning up after the event. Call Andrew if you have not volunteered to help. 253-5471, ext.112. Rain or shine, see you tomorrow and Sunday morning for worship.