Rodney’s Weekly Enote

Friday August 21, 2015

An eNote from Rodney

Dear Trinity Church Family,

I had a fun little experience this week. I reached for a book I had taken to the beach and when I got to the place I had left off I ran my hand over the page and there was a light grainy layer of sand covering the page. Don’t you love that? Cheryl and I had a great week with her kids and grandkids. In fact, granddaughter Morgan came back with us and has been staying with us this week. It had something to do with parents working and school not starting yet and the best thing was for her to spend the week with Nana & Papa. I bet several of you know all about that. Now it’s good to be back. I want to thank Dwight Whitlock and Jennie Lynn and Lee Thomas and Andrew Tripp for covering for me while we were at the beach. Being away was a fairly worry free week for me.

The lectionary Gospel lessons for the last several weeks have come from chapter 6 of the Gospel of John. These scriptures have been a long discourse by Jesus where he uses the metaphor of bread to talk about his life giving power. I understand that Brian Combs and Ed Hillman looked at those themes. This Sunday as we will look at the closing verses of chapter 6 we will see how Peter responds to Jesus words about him being the bread of life. Then we will see what we can learn from Peter’s response. The scripture lesson will be John 6:56­-69.

Thank you all for the school supplies you have brought for the students at Hall Fletcher as they prepare to begin the fall return to school. You are always generous with these kinds of collections. If you still wish to make a contribution to this offering there is a list of items needed on the table going into the fellowship hall.

As I said above, I am glad to be back. Ae we enter the fall we will have a Fall Festival, the Membership Development Committee is planning an open house, there will be a Stan Kenton Christmas concert and Nolan is planning an all Hallows or All Saints Eve recital. Then there is Advent and Christmas. And, we will do it all with a new elevator.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.