Rodney’s Weekly Enote

An eNote From Rodney

Friday September 25, 2015

Dear Trinity Church Family,

The most pressing question I have had about Pope Francis’s visit to the United States is, who is that sharp young man who is always just to the side of Francis?  I found out this morning that many watchers are wondering the same thing. His name is Mark Miles, he is a Monseigneur from Gibraltar and the official translator of the Vatican. Imagine what he will get to witness and be a part of in his life. Another question I have is where can I get one of those red waist sashes?  Everyone has an opinion on the Pope’s visit to America so here’s mine.  It’s nice to see the country take notice of a Christian.  

Moving Back Upstairs.  Our Open House is a week away and we will be moving back upstairs to the Sanctuary. We are going to cut a ribbon and celebrate the new elevator along with some of the other improvements we have made to our building.  We want this to be a Sunday to introduce folks to who we are and to welcome them. The Membership Development Committee is asking you to attend worship on Sunday Morning October 4th and also to invite friends.  I will preach and the choir will sing and we will celebrate communion.  After worship we will have a hotdog lunch and show folks around the building.  There will be popcorn and a children’s movie in the fellowship hall for the kids.  We will be ourselves and hopefully meet some new friends. Let’s look forward to this being a lovely day.

Tomorrow morning we are going to do some preparation for October 4th by meeting at the church. That is Saturday morning, September 26.  There will be some cleaning and some straightening up and maybe a weed or two will be pulled.  A couple of drills will be handy as we will be taking down the stage in the sanctuary. If you have a skill saw please bring it because we may need to break up a few big pieces of wood.  I will be here by 8 o’clock and things should be in full swing by 9.  But please, come when you can make it.   You will also love seeing where our painter has had his crew wipe with Murphy’s oil all the woodwork in the Sanctuary except the ceiling, which he will clean at a later date.  

On Sunday morning we will look at Paul’s third missionary journey.  Most of this journey takes place in the city of Ephesus. If you would like, please read the 19th chapter of Acts.  This chapter contains Paul’s two years in the city and reports several lively encounters Paul has with the citizens of Ephesus.  

As you can see, the eNote has a new look.  Mark Locklear is helping Trinity set up a more attractive and streamlined email program.  There is going to be a bit of a learning curve for me but we are excited about it. Thank you to Mark for his help.

I look forward to seeing you on this Sunday which will be our last Sunday downstairs.