Rodney’s Weekly eNote

Friday February 27, 2015 

An eNote from Rodney 

Dear Trinity Church Family, 

The church is very quiet this morning. As my practice for lent I am attempting to spend some quiet time each morning guided by a short daily devotional written by Peter Scazzero. I’m hitting about 60% of my mornings. I am enjoying this little Scazzero book and when I spend even fifteen minutes reading it and praying I am grateful for the time spent. Have you picked up a practice for Lent? How is it going. One thing I enjoy about the silence of our building in the morning is that every once in awhile the furnace comes on. I love that rumbling sound. 

Well that storm came upon us quickly didn’t it? As it turns out the storm did not interfere with Wednesday’s funeral service for David Moore though as we were leaving Groce there were some flakes in the air. The snow has delayed the final prep for the March newsletter by one day and Lee will mail the newsletter today. Because of the delay I want to include some information in this eNote that will be on the front cover of the newsletter. 

Work on the elevator project will begin on Monday March 2nd and so this is the last Sunday we will have a functioning lift. Starting on Sunday morning March 8, we will begin to worship downstairs in the fellowship hall. We have now until next Sunday morning to move worship items we need downstairs. The biggest move project is bringing chairs to the fellowship hall. There are approximately fifteen chairs on the third floor that we need in the fellowship hall so the trustees are making a request. After worship this Sunday, would everyone who is able go to the third floor and help bring down chairs. All the chairs are clean and lined up in the hallway. With enough help this is a project that could be done very quickly. Thank you. 

The finance committee wants to make a few changes in our 2015 budget. This is routine business but changing the budget requires Trinity to hold a Charge Conference which the District Superintendent has given us permission to do. The Charge Conference is made up of the current Church Council. Trinity’s regular Church Council meeting on Sunday March 15 will also function as a Charge Conference to make amendments to our 2015 budget. The budget is not being increased. The finance committee is reviewing projected expenses. 

Also on the 15th of March our organist, Nolan Anthony is going to be giving an organ recital her at Trinity. The time is 3:00 p.m. and it will be in the sanctuary. The performance is free and there will be a donation basket for the upkeep of the organ. 

This Sunday we will look at the first of the “I Am” sayings of Jesus where he refers to himself as the bread of life. The scripture for this sermon is John 6:25-35. We will look at some of the hungers we have that we hope will bring us fulfillment and see how God wants to speak to our longings. 

Here’s hoping everything is melting and I look forward to worshiping with you on Sunday and carrying some chairs.