An Enote from Nancy

February 9, 2018

It’s Transfiguration, Baptism, last of the Alleluia’s Sunday! Our grounding texts are 2 Kings 2:1-12, Psalm 150, and Mark 9:2-9! We’ll be celebrating the baptism of Susanna Taylor Pharr, so if you are in town this weekend, you will not want to miss worship! If you haven’t signed our Alleluia Banner, PLEASE do so this Sunday!

There doesn’t look like there’s any chance of ice or snow! We are working on our process of how we notify the congregation and public when we do have to delay or cancel. Last Sunday we utilized WLOS TV, a mass email, Facebook, our website, and an automated phone call to those without on-line access. This last system,  called “One Call Now,” that allows me to record a message and send it out to everyone.  We hope to use for everyone and are slowly getting data entered. If you get a test call in the next few weeks from an 800 phone number and hear my voice, don’t worry ~ I’m not employed as a telemarketer!

As we prepare for Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent and Red Wagon Sunday next week, let me encourage you to consider bringing one the following mission offerings to assist our Hall Fletcher Elementary friends (and one of their families, in particular, expecting a baby boy!) 

  • Band-aids of all sizes
  • Boys’ & Girls’ undies – sizes 6 & 8
  • Baby diapers – sizes newborn & 1
  • Diaper wipes

Looking forward to spending time with you and the Spirit on Sunday! Remember to bring a small jar of water and place it in the white pitcher before worship begins.