An enote from Nancy

May 11, 2018

Yep! ‘Nough said!
It’s Friday folks – and while that means it’s only 2 days away from Mother’s Day, it also means it’s only 2 days until we get to be together in worship as we celebrate Ascension Sunday (check out the fun child-friendly video on the Ascension through the link) and the baptism of Rowan Brickey!

Our texts this Sunday include:

Luke 24:44-53

Psalm 47   and

1 John 5:9-15

It’s not too late to sign up for the Poverty Simulation experienced that we’re hosting for the Blue Ridge District here on Saturday, May 19, 1PM. Open to any youth and adults (you don’t need to be a part of the UMC or any church for that matter!) The deadline is tomorrow.

Also, you may be delighted to know that TUMC gave a large gift from the missional tithe of the JDHowell Fund to help build a new playground at Emma Elementary, and that new construction will begin tomorrow. In case you happen to be driving that way, check it out! And if you haven’t thanked a teacher this week, please do! TUMC took some fruit trays to Hall Fletcher’s teacher appreciation brunch on Thursday, where two TUMC/ Hall Fletcher parents were hosting! We are so grateful for all the teachers in our TUMC church family!

See you Sunday!