World Communion

An Enote from Nancy

September 29, 2017

An eNote from Nancy

Sunday is World Communion Sunday. And while some might say that every Sunday is a world communion Sunday, I know we often do not remember the power of the world gathering in worship and eucharist, thanksgiving, whenever we gather around our Table at Trinity, the Altar in San Ignacio, Belize, where we used to live, the outdoor altars at the many camps and conference centers many of us have been privileged to experience  So I am glad for this pause button to cause us to remember that we join with brothers and sisters all around the world, every week in worship and regularly in Eucharist (the Greek word for “thanksgiving”).  Where have been some of your favorite times of celebrating Holy Communion? (Seriously, I’d love to know – feel free to email me!)

Communion feeds us so that we might feed the world on God’s behalf. World Communion happens all the time. It continues this Sunday, 8:30AM (van leaves from Trinity) at Pritchard Park, as Trinity shares breakfast on God’s behalf with those who gather there. Perhaps it’s been on a lunch break at a Habitat worksite (one spot left on Halloween – visit the Habitat sign up or sign up in hallway). Maybe it will be at the upcoming Fall Festival, daring to engage a stranger in conversation (if you’d be able to help with this outreach/ fellowship opportunity, please visit the Fall Festival sign up to help out.

Other items to note for this weekend:

  • The Parsonage Open House has been cancelled due to illness. Please pray for the Rev. Jessica Dayson who has been very sick this week.
  • Our Handbell Choir will be attending a workshop today and tomorrow. All are invited to a closing concert at Buncombe Street UMC, in Greenville, SC, at 4 PM.

Finally, there have been a number of pastoral care situations in our church family over the last few weeks. Please remember to call, text, or message Lee in the church office, Rev. Nancy, Pastor Darryl, or Andrew to make sure we know so that we may be of support to you and your families. I continue to give thanks for the many ways I witness your care and love of one another as a church family, in times of crisis as well as celebration. We have much to give thanks for around the Communion Table, with friends far and near.

See you Sunday!

Peace ~