An Enote from Nancy

Peace be with you, Church Family ~

That’s how I often close my correspondence…peace be with you. It’s also on a pottery sign in my office window. I do really believe we are called to bring the peace of Christ into this broken world. After Sunday night’s mass shooting at the concert in Las Vegas, we need a word of peace, to those far off, and to those near, to quote Paul in Ephesians. Honestly, peace feels so far off…especially when we hear of closer-to-home incidents of hate, short-tempered mis-reading traffic situations, and just plain anger. We need Jesus’ words about peace to be louder, not only in word, but also in deed.

Our own Bishop Leeland has written an Open Letter in response to the mass shooting, and I encourage you to read it through this link:  Letter from Bishop Leeland

This past Tuesday, I was privileged to spend time with one of our own Trinity folks who, in reflecting upon the horror of the violence, said how important it is to offer opportunities of beauty. How right she is! Even on the other side of pain and suffering we are called to present our souls and lives as a beautiful offering. That’s also what resurrection is about. Offering or witnessing moments of beauty is an experience of resurrection.  

We will have opportunities this weekend to do just that.  

First, on Saturday afternoon, 4-5:30 at Habitat Tavern and Commons in Asheville, there is a unique event sponsored by our District called “True Story,”  where we will have the chance to connect with others through stories about how others spend their time in finding such beauty. Learn more about it here.

Second, in Sunday worship, we will reflect on the purpose of worship using Psalm 84 as our grounding text.

And then, Sunday afternoon, moments of beauty and resurrection will surely be found at our Fall Festival, from 2-5PM. Should the much needed rain come,all will move inside for the chili cook-off contest and fellowship.
So come and support our sponsors, the Youth Fellowship and their fearless leader, Andrew Tripp!

Looking forward to sharing peace with you ~