An Enote from Rodney

An eNote from Rodney

Friday October 23, 2015

Dear Trinity Church Family,
Last Sunday was a big day. First of all, a huge thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make the Fall Festival a success.  There were many guests and the demonstration from Sun Soo Karate was a lot of fun. The winners for the Chili cook-off were Shannon Beasley, 3rd place; Mike Dempsey, 2nd place; and the name on the Chili Cup goes to Mike Pruett. Congratulations Mike.  I also understand that the funeral service for Cynthia Henderson was lovely and Lee’s singing was moving.  
Here is a reminder about some upcoming music from members of our congregation.  Nolan Anthony’s Halloween concert will be Friday October 30 at 7:00 pm in the Trinity Sanctuary.  Nolan will be playing classical selections that have a spooky and fun quality to them.  Children are encouraged to wear their costumes and there will be treat bags fro them.  Nolan’s concert will last about 40 minutes.  At 8:00 Kathryn Brickey will perform from her new blue grass CD with her band at the Isis Theatre.  That sounds like a great night in West Asheville.
You received a criptic message from me in the middle of the week about a medical procedure I have had.  Let me spell that out. Since the end of June I have had several incidence of passing out.  After some investigation by doctors, it was determined that I had a bit of faulty wiring in my heart that caused my heart to “pause” and stopped blood to my brain. On Tuesday morning I had a pacemaker implanted so now I am really wired.  I am going to take it a bit easy for a couple of days and I will get some help for Sunday morning worship, but I will be with you in worship as we continue to look at Five Practices that can lead to being a fruitful congregation.  This Sunday we will look at Sacred Worship. Forgive me if I don’t talk was long as I normally do on Sunday morning.  I also need to be careful about physical contact so that I don’t jostle my new piece of gear.  I look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning.