An Enote from Rodney

An eNote from Rodney

Friday January 8, 2016

Dear Trinity Congregation,

We will be worshiping in the fellowship hall on Sunday.  This will be for no more than two weeks and most likely one.  The men from Asheville Painting and Decorating came back to the building on Wednesday and set up some nervously high scaffolding in the sanctuary. They are using firm mop heads on the end of aluminum handles and are going over the wood-slatted ceiling with Murphy’s Oil. It is slow, careful work and what they have done so far looks fantastic.  When they finish with the ceiling they will paint the sanctuary.  

This past Wednesday, January 6, was a Christian Holy Day called The Feast of the Epiphany.  It is celebrated 12 days after Christmas.  Sometimes Epiphany is celebrated on the Sunday following January 6. Epiphany means to be “revealed”.  The traditional scriptures used for the Feast of the Epiphany are the report of the three wise men visiting Jesus followed by the baptism of Jesus.  The report of the wise men visiting Jesus shows the son of God being revealed to the Gentiles.  The sermon for Sunday will come from these stories.  

When you get a call on the Saturday before the Sunday you are on vacation and the visiting pastor tells you she is sick, that makes you a bit nervous.  But Avery White did a great job of contacting Julie Wilburn Peeler who came and preached in Avery’s place.  So thanks to Julie and Cathi Durham for conducting our worship service last week. I worshiped with a non-denominational church that meets at the YMCA.

I hope your year is off to a good start and I look forward to seeing you downstairs on Sunday morning.