An Enote From Rodney

An eNote from Rodney

Friday, January 15, 2016

Dear Trinity Congregation,

The first Sunday in February has become such an important Sunday that I have heard people talk about it becoming part of an alternative liturgical calendar.  That Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday and this year it is on February 7.  On that Sunday the Trinity UMYF wants to invite you to lunch after church.  They will be raising funds for their Summer mission trip to the Hinton Rural Life Center and are planning to serve several soups, bread and dessert.  Donations will be accepted so come and have a little soup then go home and get your hots wings ready for the big game.

I am reading (actually listening) to a book right now that is so good and uplifting.  It’s called “The Boys in the Boat” and the arthur is Daniel James Brown.”  The story centers around Joe Rantz and 8 other young men who make up the University of Washington rowing team.  These 9 college boys come from Washington State, depression era, logging, fishing and farming towns. Along with a coach and a boat builder they shape themselves into the rowing team that represents the United States in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.  The book is not only about the beauty of athletics as metaphor for life but it’s also good rousing American can-do-ism.  It makes professional football look like the gladiator sport it seems to be becoming.  At some point in some sermon I will introduce you to Joe Rantz.

We have decided to worship downstairs this week.  Bobby Brown and his crew are close to finishing painting but it will make it easier for all involved to stay where we are one more week.  You are going to love the work that the painters have done.  This week I have watched those fellows standing at the top of ladders fifty feet high working a roller and their work is beautiful.

Please note the morning and evening prayer in the bulletin each week.  If you can do nothing else each day, start and end your day with these prayers.  Brian Regan has a good comedy routine about microwave directions for a pop-tart.  He says that if you don’t have a minute (you want them dark?)to toast a pop-tart in the morning, your booking yourself too tight.   If you don’t have time to read to yourself a six line prayer in the morning, you might be booking yourself too tight.

We might have some snow on Sunday.  Please be careful and don’t risk an accident or falling.  I’ll see the Methodist Men early on Sunday for breakfast and I look forward to worshiping with you all.