An Enote from Rodney

Friday April 15, 2016

An eNote from Rodney

Dear Trinity Church Family,

I think most of you know that there is a reading group that meets at the church on Wednesday mornings. We meet from 11 till noon. On Young at Heart Wednesdays several of the members stay for lunch. Come and join us as we get ready to read “The Great Divorce” by C.S. Lewis. (Jack to his friends.) The Great Divorce is a metaphorical story about a bus trip from hell to heaven. Lewis examines the passengers on the bus, the ones who are able to make the whole trip and the ones who get off before they arrive at their destination. He ask this question, what human stuff is keeping us from God and are we willing to let go of it so that we may approach God? It will take a couple of months to read this book. Why don’t you think about reading this single book with us? See if you like it.

Red Wagon Sunday For the month of April, we will collect for Children First, Communities in Schools at Emma Elementary. They’ve asked for help with their summer camps and are in need of:

Swim Goggles
Individually Wrapped Snacks
Water Shoes (Children’s sizes Ages 6-15) (Gently used is fine)
Bathing Suits (Children 6-15) (Gently used is fine)
Bathing Caps.

This is a program that Andrew has helped us be involved in, and last summer it was considered successful and very helpful.

Our Spring Fling will be on Saturday April 23rd from 3 to 5 pm. There will be games for the children, a bake sale and barbeque. Andrew needs some help with setup, takedown and bake sale items and has signup sheets in the back hall for volunteers to sign up. This is a fundraiser for the youth but also a time for us to be together. The youth will be selling advanced tickets for Barbeque at the rear entrance to the sanctuary on Sunday morning.

On Sunday afternoon May 22 the church has reserved Camp Tekoa. We will be able to enjoy the campground and have a picnic. The church will be providing hamburgers/hotdogs and drinks. Bring a side, or a dessert and a friend.

On Sunday April 24, from 2 until 5 in the afternoon there will be a workshop at Christ UMC in Weaverville. This workshop will be led by Steve Manskar from the Global Board of Discipleship in Nashville TN. Steve will lead us in learning about the Wesleyan way of making disciples and show us how to translate that into 21st century terms. I will be going; please let me know if you would like to attend.

The lectionary lesson for this week has Jesus walking in the Temple in Jerusalem along Solomon’s colonnade. (That’s a lovely picture.) He is asked by some folks to tell them if he is really the Messiah. Jesus launches into a talk about sheep hearing and knowing the shepherd’s voice.

Do we know the voice of Jesus when we hear it? I know the voice of Chic-Fil-A when I hear it.

The sermon on Sunday will concern itself with this question. The scripture is John 10:22-30.

Thank you for your comments last week about Merle Haggard. There are a few of his fans among us. And don’t forget that the new website address for Trinity is .

See you on Sunday,