An Enote from Rodney

Friday May 20, 2016

An eNote from Rodney

Dear Trinity Congregation,

Andrew and I went to Camp Tekoa on Tuesday to check out the situation. Though there have been some changes since I was there in the 70’s, it is very much like I remembered it. Right now the weather 
report is saying that the rain will have cleared by Sunday and the temperature will be in the low 70’s. Not bad. There is a field and shelter, a place to swim, walks around the lake and a lodge for us. There is also a frisbee golf course if you have the disc. Bring sides and desserts and we will have hot dogs and hamburgers and drinks. There will be a map to Camp Tekoa hyperlinked at the bottom of this enote. However, if you 
can get to downtown Hendersonville, head south on Church Street and turn right at Kanuga Street. About ten minutes later you will see the Camp Tekoa sign on the right. Darryl Parker will be taking 
the church van. It will leave the church at 1:30.

Reports from the first bell choir rehearsal is that it was a success. About 15 people were there and they began the work of becoming a choir. We are all excited to hear their first music played for us.

Storm Warning: Several of you told me you enjoyed my little metaphor of our granddaughters arriving at our house like a hurricane. Well, I will be on the back porch this evening looking for the white 
GMC to come around the corner and the cat has been warned. Three lovely little storm fronts are approaching from the east.

If you have a moment you can check out Jimmy Davis’s blog post on the church website. It’s at

Sunday Morning is Trinity Sunday. I will be talking about the importance of the physical things we use for worship and how it is the physical things that help us understand the Father’s revelation to us and Son and Spirit. Remember our Service for Beth Crissman and John Boggs on Sunday, June 5th at 3 pm. And I will see you on Sunday morning and afternoon I hope.