Trinity and Tae Kwon Do

In an effort to share The Story of Trinity (old and new) we have asked members to share a few words about their walk with God. Here is Liam Tripp’s story. Liam’s dad is Andrew Tripp, Director of Children & Youth for Trinity United Methodist Church since 2014. 

The church is asking for help with the blog and asked me to write a Testimonial. I had to look online to see what a “Testimonial” was. I found there were different kinds of testimonials: people telling how they lost weight quickly with some pill or fad diet and stories on how terrible someone’s life was and how Jesus saved them. I decided the latter was what the blog was supposed to be, but I don’t really have a compelling story to tell on how I came to the church. I was born and raised in the church, so I guess I will talk about my experience of being in the church, especially Trinity UMC.

I joined Trinity UMC sometime in early 2014 after my father got a job as the Children/Youth Director. Before that, my mom worked at two different churches, so I’ve been in the church since I was born.

Since coming to Trinity I have met people that have given me new outlets in life. The Dexter family told me about Sun Soo Tae Kwon Do and I have practiced there for about 2 years. I’ve also gained many great friends in the Youth Group; we’ve had a lot of fun during UMYF on Sunday nights and on our various trips.  

Trinity also allowed me to serve my community in new ways. I have had the opportunity to work at the Family Resource Center at Emma Elementary sorting their pantry and packing food boxes. I’ve worked with the Hinton Rural Life Center with their firewood ministry and in construction. I’ve also been able to help out around our church with Sunday School, YAH, and with whatever else needs to be done.

One other thing that’s great about being in a church family is the people that are there for you.  For instance, when my mom had surgery a few years ago, it was our church family that provided us with food during her recovery period.  

I guess even though it may be boring, my testimony is about the importance of being part of a church family.  I’m grateful that my story hasn’t included times where I’ve had to pick myself up or dust myself off, instead it’s a reflection of a life blessed by a loving community of support.