An Enote from Rodney

June 10, 2016

An eNote from Rodney  Special “Thank You” Edition

Dear Trinity Congregation,

The installation service for our new District Superintendent last Sunday afternoon, conducted by Bishop Goodpaster, was a beautiful service. There are so many people to thank and I hope I don’t leave anyone out. Darryl Parker watched the parking lot and along with Maxine Schrader and Celia Clark  helped with the service. Don Hall worked the sound. The congregation loved the Strings. Thank you Kathryn and Carl Brickey, Jill Clark, Russ Davis, Cathi Durham and Bryce Parham. Barbara Goist contributed the flowers. The reception was overseen by Jennie Lynn Krichbaum and she was helped by Charlotte Clodfelter, Gina Parham and Vicki Biggers. Wendy and Chris Parker did a little extra cleaning after church on Sunday to make sure things looked good.  Thanks to Nolan and Debra Anthony for their music and to Lee Thomas for his work on the bulletin. Thanks also to the many folks from across the district that contributed to the service. It was a meaningful service enjoyed by many guests.

Cheryl and I are on vacation this week. Avery White, the associate pastor at Groce United Methodist Church will preach for us on Sunday. Avery will soon have a big change in her life. At annual 
conference this year she will be appointed to her own congregation outside of Charlotte. Keep Avery in your prayers.  Mark Locklear is going to lead the service. Thank you Mark. I believe our new 
bell choir is making their debut this Sunday. Sounds like a lovely Sunday.

Father’s Day Pictures. Pictures of Dads are showing up on the whiteboard on the main floor hallway. Find a good picture of you dad and let us have a look.

Cheryl and I hope you have a worshipful Sunday and we will see you soon.

Sincerely, Rodney