Maxine’s Faith Walk

In an effort to share The Story of Trinity (old and new) we have asked members to share a few words about their walk with God. Here is a story that Maxin Schrader has shared with us.

Try never to say you are too young to know about faith.

I was almost three years old when my mother died. Not really understanding why she left me my uncle came over that day around dusk. I was probably crying my eyes out (I was known as a cry baby and am still very emotional). He took me on his shoulders and told me to look up and see the beautiful stars. He said “That is where your mother lives now”.

When he lifted me down it was not his hands I felt, but the soft, warm, strong hands of God.

I felt safe and loved by those hands. God’s hands? I say yes, and they are still lifting me today through my Christian family at Trinity, and in former churches, bible studies, meetings and every step I take. Today it is my Trinity Family that I have to love and carry me through my trials and tribulations, good times and fun times. God has come in mysterious ways and people in my faith walk.

Thank you Trinity for my walk with you and God at this time in my life.