An Enote from Rodney

Friday October 28, 2016

An eNote from Rodney

Dear Trinity Congregation,

First, I want to scare up some interest about Nolan Anthony’s Spooky All Hallows Eve Organ Concert tomorrow night (Saturday) at 7:00 pm. I think Nolan will play either a liver or a lung. There will be a reception following, if you have the stomach for it. Please note; no actual organs will be extracted.  It’s terrifying how good this concert is going to be, a real treat, sweet like candy.  If there’s a ghost of a chance you might get tricked out of knowing about it, I wanted you to have this web of information. Wear a costume if that’s how you roll. Here’s a howl – I’m coming as a Methodist pastor. Don’t get buried in any grave situations or have a flat broom. There will be Bach and Franck and Vierne. This will be the night of the living organ player and it will slay us down to our skeleton bones. What a scream! It will be spooktacular. It will be…. Bootiful.

In the immortal words of Robin Williams in “Good Morning Vietnam”, too much?

Back in the real world.  You probably have heard some talk about Trinity metering two of our parking lots and receiving some income from them. We have engaged with McLaurin Parking. It’s a family business out of Raleigh but the sister of the owner lives in Asheville and she is our contact. McLaurin is helping a lot of churches and businesses with their parking.

The two lots to be metered are the Balm Grove lot and the lot behind Shook’s Tire Service. During the week, parking in the lot behind the church will be for Trinity, The Blue Ridge District Office and Azalea Mountain School. On Sundays until 1:00 pm all parking in all lots will be for the church only.  We have received a batch of small numbered decals that we will soon start to issue to all Trinity members. The decal has the church logo on it. With the decal on your car you can park in any of Trinity’s lots at any time without charge. McLaurin will soon start to number the spaces and put up signs and pay boxes. I know there will be some questions and perhaps a kink or two to work out but things are coming into place and this will help us with a little extra income.

The lectionary Gospel lesson for Sunday is Luke 19:1-10. It is the story of Zacchaeus climbing up a tree so he can get a view of Jesus. What a great story. What trees would we climb in order to get a better glimpse of Jesus?

Enjoy one more stunning North Carolina fall day and I will see you on Sunday morning.