An Enote from Rodney

Friday May 26, 2017
An eNote from Rodney
Dear Trinity Congregation,

Our plan was to have our Camp Tekoa outing rain or shine and as it turned out it was a decent trip. By 2:30 it had stopped raining and some of the kids were in the water and a lot of them were on the zip line along with a few adults. A bunch of guys came into the kitchen to help cook the burgers and Tate Phillips led the cooking team. Nick and Meredith Harvey worked a second kitchen and Jessica Tripp ran the cleanup. Andrew put a lot of the pieces of the day together and it became a nice afternoon. Thanks to everyone who helped and who brought food.
I want to say a word of thanks from all of us to the Anthonys. With the school year ending, this past week was the last of the Wednesday night suppers. These suppers were the work of the Anthonys to have some fellowship together and to put a little money into the organ upkeep fund. The meals were very good and we thank them for their hard work.
I have been thinking for some time that I would like to preach one more sermon series and I want it to be on the Trinity. Trinity is our name. Often the Trinity is described using esoteric theological language. It is an esoteric theological subject, and it is more. The Trinity is the energy of God reaching into the creation He has made and restoring both gardens and people to their original beauty. You would call that salvation. That’s nice isn’t it? We are named for the graceful energy of God. I will start the series this week with an introduction to the topic and then spend three Sundays on the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. My main guide for this series will be a book by Jason Byassee called “Trinity.” Jason is a Methodist pastor with a Ph.D in theology. He has worked at Duke Divinity School and pastored Boone United Methodist Church. He now teaches at Vancouver School of Theology in Vancouver, Canada.
Lovely day outside. Enjoy it and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday for worship.