AN enote from Rodney

Friday June 2, 2017

National Doughnut Day

An eNote from Rodney

Dear Trinity Congregation,

As we prepare for our two new pastors to arrive at Trinity, the Methodist Men and the Youth are having a work day at the parsonage tomorrow (Saturday) morning starting at 9:00 am. There is some yard work to be done and some odds and ends, so if you are so inclined come and join us tomorrow make light work out of these projects. The parsonage is at 32 Mountain Terrace.

Sunday will be the first day in June and that means Trinity has the pleasure of feeding the homeless at Pritchard Park in downtown Asheville. If you would like to join in, show up at the park a little before 9am and look for one of our members.

All American Big Band Jazz Concert​. This is the third year the Asheville Jazz Orchestra will come to Trinity and do big band arrangements of patriotic songs and also play music from the WWII era. It will be a benefit concert and proceeds will be split between the band and the Veterans ministry conducted by ABCCM. We need your help this year. We need you to tell your friends about the concert and invite them to come. We will have some flyers by next Sunday and you can hand these to a friend or put them up in your local grocery store. The concert is in our sanctuary on Sunday afternoon, July 2 and the time is 3:00 pm.

This Sunday I will continue the sermon series on the Trinity. I want to become more fluent in the doctrine of the Trinity and I want us to see the richness of the activity of God through the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I think it will be enriching for us to know more about Him for whom we are named. This Sunday we will look at the Holy Spirit; it is after all, Pentecost Sunday. After worship the youth have invited us downstairs to celebrate the birth of the church with cake and fellowship.

Today is National Doughnut Day and it honors the Salvation Army who during WWI served coffee and doughnuts to servicemen in Europe. Is it doughnut or donut? A hot plain Krispy Kreme by any other name would taste just as sweet. It’s 5 Weight Watcher points. Have one, and remember your history.

Thanks for everything and I look forward to seeing you this weekend.

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