An enote from Rodney

Friday June 16, 2017

An eNote from Rodney

Dear Trinity Congregation, I am breaking down my office and it has been a job packing, selling, giving away. A shaker or a tambourine doesn’t look like much until you add the 27 other pieces of small percussion. Anybody want to buy some timpani? I’m planning on driving a bunch of books down to Fruitland Baptist Bible College to donate to their students and to the library.

This Sunday is Red Wagon Sunday – ​For the month of June, we will collect items for Hall Fletcher Elementary School snacks: canned fruits, cereals, juices, crackers of any kind, granola, fruit, cereal bars, fruit cups, snack packs, any non-perishable foods. Remember, you can bring the items on any Sunday or drop them off during the regular church office hours during the week. However on the third Sunday (Red Wagon Sunday)​, please keep them with you at your pew and place them in the wagon when the children come around during the opening hymn.

All American Big Band Jazz Concert​ – This is the third year the Asheville Jazz Orchestra will come to Trinity and do big band arrangements of patriotic songs and also play music from the WWII era. It will be a benefit concert and proceeds will be split between the band and the Veterans ministry conducted by ABCCM. We need your help this year. We need you to tell your friends about the concert and invite them to come. The concert is in our sanctuary on Sunday afternoon, July 2 and the time is 3:00 pm. Perhaps some of you have met Eric Piper and Ellen Soderberg. They have been worshiping with us for awhile. Eric and Ellen have a business called Homestead, which provides branding, advertising and visual help to clients. Eric has designed and they have produced terrific posters and handouts for this July 2 concert and we thank them very much. We will have these on Sunday for you to help get the word out.

This Sunday, as we approach the conclusion of our sermon series on the Trinity, we will look at God the Father. Remember Saint Augustine’s admonition, that if you can understand it, it’s not God? How do we talk about something we can’t really know? That’s what we are going to talk about on Sunday. The scripture is an amazing story in Genesis, 18:1-15. If you have time, read it over and wonder why Abraham calls three visitors by the singular name Lord.

Here is a bit of fun news. The book I have been using to guide me in this sermon series is titled “Trinity-The God We Don’t Know”. The writer is Jason Byassee who is a pastor, a member of our conference, and he teaches at Vancouver School of Theology. Well, Jason’s wife Jaylynn and our new pastor Rev. Nancy Walton are close friends. Rev. Walton knows Jason and she knows we are doing this sermon series. So, on Sunday August 20th, while Jason is in western North Carolina, Rev. Walton has arranged for Dr. Byassee to preach here at Trinity. How cool is that?

Keep the Rev. Darryl Dayson and the Rev. Nancy Walton in your prayers as they prepare to move to Trinity as our new pastors. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning.