An Enote from Rodney

Friday June 23, 2017

An eNote from Rodney

Dear Trinity Congregation,

Early next Wednesday morning Andrew and Jessica will be leading their annual mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Liam will be going as well as Amy and Phillip Dexter. They will return on the 6th of July. Keep them in your prayers as we know they will bless and be blessed by those they visit.

You may have seen a special email go out earlier this week. Our new pastor Darryl Dayson and his family will be moving into the parsonage at 9:00 am on Monday June 26. This is old school Methodism moving day sort of stuff. It would be a great help to Darryl if some of us could be there and help him move in. The parsonage is at 27 Mountain Terrace. It’s off Leicester Highway. We also want to give a big thanks to Andrea Davis. Andrea has overseen the refurbishment of the parsonage and it looks fantastic. Thank you Andrea.

All American Big Band Jazz Concert​. This is the third year the Asheville Jazz Orchestra will come to Trinity and do big band arrangements of patriotic songs and also play music from the WWII era. It will be a benefit concert and proceeds will be split between the band and the Veterans ministry conducted by ABCCM. We need your help this year. We need you to tell your friends about the concert and invite them to come. The concert is in our sanctuary on Sunday afternoon, July 2 and the time is 3:00 pm. All our posters were taken last Sunday but I got a couple and have made more copies. We will have these for on Sunday morning for you to put up and hand out to friends.

About the concert. I will be in touch with a few of you to help get the stage up for Sunday the 2nd. Be on the lookout for a call. We will take the stage down on Monday Morning July 3.

I will be here to conduct worship on the 2nd of July but I will treat this Sunday as my swan song, my been here and gone song, my wig no longer wired song. It will be the work of a brain in a circuit of blown out fuses, while I’m trying in vain to invoke my used up muses, it’s all that remains of my dried up creative juices, my been here and gone song, my swan song. (Partial lyrics by Dave Frishberg, “My Swan Song.”) If you don’t know Dave Frishberg you are in for a treat. You can find this song on You Tube. Anyway, In the sermon I will say one last thing about the Trinity and reflect on our ministry here and also say thank you from Cheryl and me for this wonderful experience. Then we will go downstairs for barbeque and whatever Andrew, Jennie Lynn and Lee have cooked up. They have been working very hard on the program for Sunday. Cheryl and I appreciate it very much. Thank you all and I’m looking forward to being with you on Sunday.