Rodney’s Weekly eNote

Friday March 20, 2015 

As eNote from Rodney 

Dear Trinity Church Family, 

All of us thank you for your attendance at our organist Nolan Anthony”s recital. It was wonderful and the reception the choir hosted was a big hit. Thanks to the choir and to the folks who came on Saturday morning and helped get the sanctuary ready for the performance. 

While work on the elevator continues worship in the fellowship hall is going well. I imagine that in a little while it will start to feel like home. 

As we approach Holy week, take a look at the Last Supper/seder meal that Andrew and the youth have planned for us. It will be an intimate recreation/explanation of the last supper followed by a meal. Make reservations on Sunday morning or call the office, 253-5471 The dates and times: 

  • Tuesday March 24, 5 and 6:30pm 
  • Thursday March 26, 5 and 6:30pm 
  • Sunday March 29, 5 and 6:30pm 
  • Wednesday April 1, 5 and 6:30pm 

In our sermon series “The God We can Know”, which looks at the “I Am” sayings of Jesus this week we will hear Jesus refer to himself as the true vine. During Jesus time the grapevine was a national symbol of Israel and an important agricultural product. We will see how Jesus uses these symbols to convey the lesson that he is a source of life. 

My Lenten coin folder is starting to fill up. We will use this offering to support international Methodist missions and help some of our folks go to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip this summer. Thank you for your generosity, not just with the coin folders, but with all the little eddies of need that come to us. 

Please remember to be mindful of guests on Sunday morning as we welcome them to our new worship environment and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.