Rodney’s Weekly Enote

Friday September 11, 2015

An eNote from Rodney

Dear Trinity Family,

I am having coffee this morning at a Caribou Coffee shop in Charlotte.  Cheryl and I came down the mountain yesterday afternoon to see family and friends and will head back up to Asheville sometime this afternoon.

I wanted to write to you this morning and tell you about the Trinity UMC Open House that is being planned for Sunday morning, October 4th.  We have spent several years working on our church building.  The fellowship hall is warm and inviting and we are renewing several Sunday School class rooms and our new nursery is warm and inviting and our new bathrooms are….uh….. warm and inviting.  We have a new elevator.  And most importantly, we as a congregation of God’s Christian people on Haywood Road are warm and inviting. So let’s invite some folks.

Yes, it is a good thing to go out and be in ministry in our community. That is an important way to express the faith that God has called us to and to publicly speak His name.  But it is in our building that we learn and worship and pray together and sing and raise up our young ones in the faith.  Our building is very conducive to that.

The Membership Development Committee is asking you to attend worship on Sunday Morning October 4th and invite friends.  I will preach and the choir will sing and we will celebrate communion.  After worship we will have a hotdog lunch and show folks around the building.  There will be popcorn and a children’s movie in the fellowship hall for the kids.  We will be ourselves and hopefully meet some new friends. Let’s look forward to this being a lovely day.

You can help us get ready for this.  On Saturday morning, September 26, we are going to have a cleanup day.  This will be a day to make sure everything is in place and wiped down.  We also need to remove the stage from the sanctuary.  Please put these dates on your calendar.

On this coming Sunday morning we will continue our sermon series on the Apostle Paul.  There is a fourteen year period between Paul’s conversion and the real begging of his ministry in Antioch Syria.  On Sunday we will look at Paul’s first missionary trip into Galatia, what we now call Turkey, and focus on his discovery of the Amazing Grace of God.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning.


PS  My editor (Cheryl) is spending the morning with a close friend so be gentle dear reader with the grammar corrections.